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Fuel Station Construction

About Us

Ekinoks Energy’s main field of business is construction of turn-key fuel stations. We are basically specialized on projecting, consulting, supplying, constructing and installation of fuel stations.

Fuel dispensers, fuel tanks, piping, fittings, electrical works, underground works and automation are our main scope of business.

Our team are specialized on the field, according to various needs of international customers.We have experienced on not only fuel station construction, but also Generator Supplying Systems, Automation and Construction. Infrastracture of fuel lines is our proficiency and specialty.

Ekinoks Energy, is proud to dominate and direct the market concerning export of fuel station equipments, related automation systems and industrial fuel solution systems in Middle Asia, since the year 2005. Ekinoks Energy, continues to serve in Middle East, Middle Asia, East Europe and Africa with over 16 years experience , in more then 15 countries.As a reliable referances in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Irak, Somali etc. stil exist (and working properly) over 120 fuel stations installed by Ekinoks Energy employees.

Our group members are highly capable of projecting & solving different kind of fuel engineering and industrial solutions. We will be glad to meet with your pleasures on your respectfull projects in the future.

Ekinoks Energy is also carry on a business in construction its own building and warehose. We accomplished our building and warehouse/storage by our own financing.